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"Photographs have a way of telling a story that sometimes words just cannot describe," says Los Angeles-based Lifestyle photographer Linda Sternberg whose natural light photography captures personal, candid portraits that reveal the soul of her subjects in striking and beautiful unstructured moments. "We take photos as a return ticket to a moment in time that is otherwise gone."


From the day she received her first film camera for her 10th birthday, Sternberg has been taking photos...and has never looked back. This lifelong love for photography has inspired her to become a visual explorer documenting the world with camera in hand in more than a dozen counties around the globe. "It's not just about photographing the things you see, but the way in which you see them," she points out. "And there are so many photos I've yet to take that come with stories that are yet to be told."


With a Bachelors of Arts degree from USC and studies in photography at the prestigious Art Center College of Design under her belt, Sternberg has participated in numerous Los Angeles workshops with such noted photographers as Julia Dean and Tracey Landworth. As a mother with two active boys, her soul mate husband and an energetic Australian Labradoodle named Reggie, it is no surprise to learn that photographing children, pets, families and sporting events has become both her passion and specialty.


"A relaxed and fun environment is important when I do portraits and events," notes Sternberg who also loves nature, dance, Pilates and living a healthy lifestyle along with her zeal for photography and being a lifelong animal lover as well.



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